The Fascinating Journey of Small Laude: Exploring Her Net Worth and Personal Life

small laude net worth


Small Laude, a renowned YouTuber, entrepreneur, and socialite, hails from a well-established family in the Philippines. With a background rooted in various business ventures such as garments export, rice milling, and rice trading, Laude has made a name for herself in the world of social media and entrepreneurship. This article delves into Small Laude’s net worth, her husband Philip Laude, and provides an insight into her remarkable life.

Small Laude’s Net Worth and Earnings

Small Laude’s Diverse Ventures

Small Laude has transformed her YouTube channel into a flourishing business, leveraging her beauty brand, homeware line, and book releases. With a substantial following on YouTube and Instagram, she enjoys a steady stream of income. As a result, Small Laude’s net worth is estimated to be $5 million. Notably, she has also held positions such as Treasurer and Vice President of Timson Securities, a company founded in 2013.

A Successful Transition to YouTube

In 2019, Small Laude ventured into the world of YouTube, following the advice of her friend Karen Davila. This decision proved fruitful as her channel rapidly gained popularity, amassing 1.6 million subscribers to date. This transition allowed her to capitalize on her leisure time and further expand her online presence.

Philip Laude: Small Laude’s Husband

The Scion of Candyman

Small Laude is happily married to Philip Laude, a multimillionaire and scion of Candyman, the confectionery company known for producing Kendi Mint, White Rabbit, Orange Kist, and Viva candies. Philip’s family background is equally notable, with a history encompassing various business ventures.

The Laude Family’s Lavish Lifestyle

As a couple, Small Laude and Philip Laude enjoy a luxurious lifestyle. They own two lavish residences, one in the Philippines and another in Beverly Hills, California. Small Laude is known for her preference for high-end fashion brands such as Dior, Gucci, Balenciaga, Chanel, and more.

Exploring Small Laude’s Life and Surroundings

The Magnificent Ed Calma-designed Home

The Laudes reside in a stunning six-story home, skillfully designed by Ed Calma. This resort-like residence features decks on each floor, providing ample space for outdoor gatherings. Furthermore, two scenic elevators enhance the convenience and elegance of the mansion.

Small Laude vs. Gretchen Barretto: A Wealth Comparison

Small Laude and Gretchen Barretto, another well-known figure, have often been compared in terms of wealth. While Barretto boasts a net worth of $4 million, Small Laude surpasses her with a net worth of $5 million, establishing her as the wealthier of the two.

A Glimpse into Small Laude’s Background

An Accomplished Family

Small Laude comes from a prominent family that has been involved in various businesses, including garment export, rice milling, and rice trading. Her upbringing and exposure to entrepreneurship have undoubtedly shaped her own path to success.

Personal Details

Born on June 17, 1968, Small Laude is currently 53 years old. She holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration from St. Paul’s Manila. Her mother’s name is Elisa G. Eduardo, and she has two sisters, Alice G. Eduardo and Melba Eduardo Solidum. Additionally, she has a brother named Joel Eduardo. Small Laude stands at a height of 165 cm and weighs 121 pounds. Her captivating appearance, with golden brown hair and dark brown eyes, radiates cheerfulness and positivity.


Small Laude’s journey from a well-established family background to becoming a successful YouTuber, entrepreneur, and socialite is truly inspiring. With a net worth of $5 million, she has built a flourishing business empire, leveraging her online presence and diverse ventures. Alongside her husband Philip Laude, she enjoys a lavish lifestyle, residing in luxurious residences and embracing high-end fashion. Small Laude’s accomplishments serve as a testament to her entrepreneurial spirit and drive for success.