Sela Ward Net Worth: A Multi-Talented Actress with a Fortune

Sela Ward Net Worth


In this article, we delve into the fascinating world of Sela Ward and explore her remarkable net worth. As an American actress, Sela Ward has established herself as a prominent figure in the entertainment industry. With her diverse talents and captivating performances, she has accumulated a significant fortune throughout her career. Let’s dive deeper into Sela Ward’s net worth, early life, career achievements, and personal relationships.

Early Life and Education

Sela Ann Ward was born on July 11, 1956, in Meridian, Mississippi. Growing up in a household with a housewife and an electrical engineer as parents, she experienced a nurturing environment alongside her four younger siblings. Sela attended high school in Meridian before pursuing higher education at the University of Alabama. During her college years, she not only excelled academically but also showcased her vibrant personality as she became the Homecoming Queen. Additionally, she participated in cheerleading and joined the Chi Omega sorority. Sela Ward pursued a double major in fine art and advertising, displaying her creative inclinations from an early age.

Career Beginnings and Breakthrough

After graduating from university in 1977, Sela Ward initially aimed to establish herself as a storyboard artist in the bustling city of New York. However, facing financial challenges, she ventured into the world of modeling to support herself. Her modeling endeavors opened doors to further opportunities, attracting the attention of notable agencies and leading to appearances in various television commercials. One of her notable early works was a commercial for the renowned cosmetic brand, Maybelline.

Driven by her passion for acting, Sela Ward made a pivotal decision to relocate to California, where she pursued her dream career. She embarked on her acting journey by collaborating with the legendary Burt Reynolds, starring in the 1983 film “The Man Who Loved Women.” This marked her first significant step into the world of television, securing her first TV role in “Emerald Point N.A.S.” Although the series had a short run, it paved the way for Sela’s future endeavors. Throughout the 1980s, she continued to secure roles in various TV shows and films, including an appearance alongside Tom Hanks in the film “Nothing in Common.”

Achieving Stardom and Critical Acclaim

In 1991, Sela Ward achieved a breakthrough moment in her career with the series “Sisters.” Her portrayal of a bohemian alcoholic earned her critical acclaim and garnered widespread recognition. In 1994, she received an Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series, solidifying her position as a talented actress. Sela’s success extended beyond television, as she made notable progress in the film industry. She starred alongside Harrison Ford in the acclaimed film “The Fugitive” and garnered critical praise for her portrayal of journalist Jessica Savitch in the TV movie “Almost Golden: The Jessica Savitch Story.”

Sela Ward’s Net Worth

Sela Ward’s net worth stands at an impressive $100 million. It is worth noting that her husband since 1993, Howard Sherman, is a highly successful private equity investor. Together, their combined marital assets surpass the $100 million mark. While Sela Ward gained substantial recognition and financial success through her television appearances, she has also graced the silver screen in numerous films. Some notable works include “The Man Who Loved Women,” “The Fugitive,” “The Day After Tomorrow,” “The Guardian,” and “Gone Girl.”

Television Success and Film Accomplishments

Following her breakthrough with “Sisters,” Sela Ward continued to thrive in the world of television. She appeared in popular TV shows such as “House,” “CSI: NY,” “Graves,” “Westworld,” and “FBI.” Demonstrating her versatility, she also explored voice acting opportunities in animated series like “The New Batman Adventures.” Additionally, Sela received critical acclaim for her role in the series “Once and Again,” earning accolades for her performances in 63 episodes.

Sela Ward’s talent was not limited to television, as she successfully ventured into various film projects. Her notable film roles include “The Badge,” “The Day After Tomorrow,” “The Stepfather,” “Gone Girl,” and “Independence Day: Resurgence.” Despite receiving offers for additional roles, Sela Ward prioritized her family commitments, which led to a selective approach to her career. In 2002, she published her memoir, “Homesick,” offering insights into her experiences with fame and the entertainment industry.

Personal Life and Relationships

In 1992, Sela Ward tied the knot with entrepreneur Howard Sherman. The couple shares a deep bond and has been blessed with two children.


Sela Ward’s journey from a small town in Mississippi to becoming a highly accomplished actress reflects her determination, talent, and unwavering spirit. With a remarkable net worth of $100 million, she has secured her place among the wealthiest celebrities in the industry. Through her captivating performances on television and in films, Sela Ward has left an indelible mark on the entertainment world. Her achievements and enduring success serve as an inspiration to aspiring actors and fans worldwide.