Lil Meech Net Worth 2021: A Closer Look at the Notorious Criminal’s Wealth

Lil Meech Net Worth 2021


In the realm of notorious criminals, Lil Meech stands out as a prominent figure. As an American convicted drug dealer, his life and wealth have attracted significant attention. In this article, we delve into the net worth of Lil Meech in 2021, exploring his rise to infamy and the empire he built. Let’s dive into the intriguing story of this controversial figure.

Lil Meech’s Net Worth: The Current State

Lil Meech, born Demetrius Flenory on June 21, 1968, in Detroit, Michigan, has a net worth estimated at $500 thousand. However, it’s worth noting that his financial status has dramatically changed over the years. At the height of his criminal empire, Lil Meech’s net worth reached a staggering $100 million. But as the consequences of his illicit activities caught up with him, his wealth dwindled significantly.

The Black Mafia Family: Building an Empire

Lil Meech’s rise to power began with his involvement in the Black Mafia Family (BMF). Alongside his younger brother Terry Lee Flenory, also known as “Southwest T,” Lil Meech co-founded this notorious criminal organization. Operating during the 1990s and early 2000s, the Black Mafia Family amassed an estimated $270 million in illicit profits and employed around 500 individuals.

The brothers’ journey began in high school when they started selling $50 bags of cocaine in their hometown of Detroit. Their operations quickly expanded, and in the late 1980s, they officially established the Black Mafia Family. This criminal enterprise had hubs in Atlanta, Georgia, and Los Angeles, California, with Lil Meech overseeing operations in Atlanta while Southwest T managed the L.A. branch.

BMF Entertainment: A Bid for Legitimacy

In a bid to legitimize their operations, Lil Meech and his brother founded BMF Entertainment in 2000. The entertainment company aimed to establish connections in the music industry and became associated with various acts, including Young Jeezy. Other artists under the BMF Entertainment umbrella included Bleu DaVinci, Calico Jonez, Nu Money, Baby D, Fee Money, and D-Boi.

The Downfall: Arrest and Imprisonment

In 2005, Lil Meech and Southwest T’s criminal activities attracted the attention of law enforcement. The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) arrested the brothers on charges of money laundering and drug trafficking. Subsequently, both Lil Meech and Southwest T pleaded guilty to these charges, resulting in a 30-year federal prison sentence for each of them.

During the arrest, authorities seized assets worth $21 million, including cash, jewelry, over 30 cars, and 13 homes located in Detroit, Atlanta, and Los Angeles. Lil Meech was extradited to Detroit and held without bail for three years before being sentenced. Despite his imprisonment, Lil Meech maintained a high profile, living a lavish lifestyle and gaining a significant following on social media.

Media Portrayals and Cultural Impact

Lil Meech’s story has captured the attention of various media outlets, leading to the creation of books, documentaries, and TV shows centered around the Black Mafia Family. Notably, the book “BMF: The Rise and Fall of Big Meech and the Black Mafia Family” by Mara Shalhoup delves into the intricate details of their criminal empire.

In addition to literary works, Lil Meech’s life has been featured in documentaries such as the 2012 series “American Gangster” and the BET series “BMF: The Rise and Fall of a Hip-Hop Drug Empire.” His name has also been referenced in numerous hip-hop songs by artists like Jay-Z, Rick Ross, and Young Jeezy.

Future Prospects and Controversy

As of now, Lil Meech is serving his sentence at the Federal Correctional Institution in Sheridan, Oregon. However, his story continues to captivate audiences, and there have been rumors of a potential movie project based on his life. Despite his criminal past, Lil Meech remains a controversial figure associated with the opulent and excessive lifestyle often glamorized in the drug trade.


Lil Meech’s journey from a small-time drug dealer in Detroit to the co-founder of the Black Mafia Family is a testament to the allure and perils of the criminal underworld. While his net worth has significantly diminished, his impact on popular culture and the fascination surrounding his life endures. As we examine Lil Meech’s net worth in 2021, we are reminded of the complex interplay between crime, wealth, and the pursuit of power.