Exploring the Wealth of Ginger Zee: A Comparison of Ginger Zee and Ben Aaron Net Worth

ginger zee net worth

Ginger Zee and Ben Aaron, an admired couple in the entertainment industry, have gained significant recognition for their respective careers. As a meteorologist and a prominent media personality based in NYC, their hard work and dedication have resulted in substantial wealth. In this article, we will delve into the net worth and earnings of Ginger Zee and Ben Aaron, comparing their financial success and exploring how they utilize their well-earned fortunes.

Ginger Zee’s Salary & Net Worth

Ginger Zee, an American television broadcaster and meteorologist, boasts a net worth of $3 million with an annual income of $500,000.

Growing up in Michigan, Ginger Zee discovered her passion for meteorology at a young age. While still in high school, she set her sights on becoming a meteorologist for ‘Today.’ According to Payscale, the average salary for a meteorologist is $57,000, but with experience and higher degrees, this figure can rise to $100,000, excluding bonuses. Considering Ginger Zee’s extensive career since 2002, her net worth is expected to have grown significantly.

Based on Zee’s LinkedIn profile, she joined Citadel Broadcasting in 2002 shortly after graduating from Valparaiso University. She later worked as a meteorologist, reporter, and anchor at WEYI-NBC25 and WOOD-TV. In November 2006, Ginger Zee joined NBC, where she spent five years until 2011, making occasional appearances as a fill-in on MSNBC and ‘Today.’ According to Glassdoor, NBC meteorologists earn a base salary of $79,832 per year, with a salary range between $60,493 and $172,962. Therefore, Zee likely amassed considerable earnings during her time at NBC.

In October 2011, Ginger Zee made the move to ABC. Reports suggest that meteorologists at ABC earn between $98,728 and $107,168 annually. Given her nearly decade-long tenure at the network, Zee’s earnings likely exceeded the average range.

Apart from her professional career, Ginger Zee, together with her husband Ben Aaron, has accumulated personal wealth.

Ben Aaron’s Net Worth and Sources of Income

While Ginger Zee’s net worth is well-documented, Ben Aaron’s exact net worth remains unknown. However, as a long-standing figure in the public eye, Aaron has established a reputable career as a media personality.

Ben Aaron currently hosts the PIX11 Morning News from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. Previously, he co-hosted the show ‘Pickler & Ben’ alongside Kellie Pickler for two years before joining the expanded team in 2020. Aaron’s contributions to the field have garnered him Daytime Emmy Award nominations for “best host,” further cementing his professional standing.

As for Ben Aaron’s professional journey, he has worked for various renowned shows such as EXTRA, Today Show, and Entertainment Tonight. Additionally, the Emerson College alumnus collaborated with his wife on the Emmy-nominated show ‘Renovation Realities.’

While his salary remains undisclosed, Ben Aaron’s career as a media personality likely contributes significantly to his overall wealth. Moreover, his status as an author also influences his net worth. In 2006, Aaron released his novel ‘Where the Sun Go,’ which is available for $12.00 on Amazon.

A Couple of Acting Credits

Before establishing himself as a host, Ben Aaron had notable appearances in several films and television programs. His IMDb profile showcases at least 13 acting credits.

Some of Aaron’s acting credits include appearances in shows like ‘Hey Arnold!,’ ‘CBS Summer Playhouse,’ ‘Straight Up,’ ‘Mathnet,’ ‘Home Free,’ ‘Astronomy,’ ‘Perfect Strangers,’ among others. While the box office earnings for a few of these films are available, such as ‘Hey Arnold!’ with $15.2 million and ‘Moonwalker’ with $67 million, it is unclear how much impact these acting roles had on Aaron’s wealth.

Comparing Wealth: Ben Aaron vs. Ginger Zee

Ultimately, the question of who is wealthier between Ben Aaron and Ginger Zee is not as crucial as the couple’s shared commitment to providing the best life for their children. Regardless of individual earnings, they both work diligently to create a prosperous future for their family.

The New York Residence of Ginger Zee and Ben Aaron

Ginger Zee and Ben Aaron’s shared aspiration for a luxurious lifestyle is evident in their splendid New York residence. Located in Rockland County, New York, the couple’s home showcases elegance and comfort.

After three years of marriage, Ginger and Ben moved into their current home in 2017, tailoring it to accommodate their growing family. The couple’s sons, Adrian Benjamin Colonomos and Miles Macklin, spend most of their time in this magnificent abode. Viewers were given a glimpse into their renovation journey through the DIY series ‘Renovation Realities: Ben and Ginger.’

Featuring grand columns and soaring ceilings, the NYC home boasts a spacious kitchen with an expansive island and exquisite marble counters that beautifully contrast the dark hardwood floors and white carpets.

While luxurious homes, fancy cars, and extravagant vacations undoubtedly add to their lifestyle, the love and support of their family remain the most cherished aspect of Ginger Zee and Ben Aaron’s lives. As they continue to excel in their respective careers, their wealth is likely to grow even further.